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MIND WORKS by Pst. Oghenethoja Umuteme

Sub-Topic 1: The Essence of the Human Mind:

The human mind receives impulses from the human soul and also transmits impulses to the human soul.

The human mind is affected by the conditions and situations in our environment.

Apart from being in direct communication with the human soul, the human mind is also in direct communication with the human senses.

The messages generated or received by the mind either from the human soul (subconscious state) or the human senses (conscious state) are packets of “thoughts” we have daily.

These packets of human thoughts are converted into streams of spiritual energies or waves that are transmitted by the human soul into a particular spiritual circle of influence which you subscribe to in your subconscious state as a result of your spiritual inclination and your desires.

The importance of the human mind stems from the fact that it is one of the layers of human perceptive powers mentioned in Matthew 22: 37-38:

And he said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all  thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the great and first commandment.

The human mind controls our daily living here on earth. It is the home of human intelligence.

Sub-Topic 2: The Act of Thinking:

How is your mind working right now?

The easiest way to know that our minds are working is when we think. Now, we have both shallow thinking and deep thinking.

The difference in the two is in the results that each of them yields. A shallow thinker forgets things easily while a deep thinker does now.

The shallow thinker is also called passive thinker, while a deep thinker is also called an active thinker. Deep thinkers stores their thoughts in their hearts while shallow thinkers are more concerned with perishable things – foods, clothing, etc. on the other hand, deep thinkers are result oriented people and they think for posterity.

They ensure every second of their time is spent wisely. You would hardly see them making worthless phone calls. They only tune to their radios or TV sets when there is an important information or news they want to get. Nothing is fun to them.

They make sense out of every senseless situation. They are the leaders and movers of the society. They hardly complain, even when they are dying.

They see every situation as spiritually motivated, and would go spiritual to unravel what is behind every stagnant situation in their lives. Deep thinkers seek knowledge from God. Shallow thinkers seek solutions from non spiritual sources.

Deep thinkers meditate. Shallow thinkers forget easily so there is nothing to meditate upon….

Sub-Topic 3: Factors Affecting Thinking:

Sub-Topic 3: Factors Affecting Thinking:
Thinking has to do with a measure of the faith and knowledge residing in us. Various factors affect how we perceive events around us, and this perception is what affects the way we think.  In Ephesians 3:20, we are made to understand that our thinking is affected by the level of the power that works in us:

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. 

There is nothing that we do that does not involve asking God for a direction. We are told here, that our asking, thinking, and receiving answers is a measure of the knowledge, and wisdom that live in us.

The world belongs to God, and anybody who wants to think productively, must be in tune with the power of God, which makes all things perfect on earth.

Thinking requires your entire mind, heart, and soul which represents your whole attention; and God requires them before you can say you love Him.

This is why thinking affects the kind of relationship you have with God.

Sub-Topic 4: Living with a spiritual mindset:

What we don’t give attention to can never become a part of us. What we see as important is what takes the centre stage of our thought process.

We have been talking of thinking for the last two weeks, and today we would now focus on how we can use the knowledge we have gotten since we started this series to help us to live with spiritual mind-set. Mind-set refers to: Attitude, belief, frame of mind, outlook, mentality, approach, etc.

How we approach issues on earth depends on the mind-set we have and how we see issues to have played out for others. What we see as the works of salvation in our lives have a lot to do with how we understand the spiritual realm and the purpose of God in our lives.

We should be more concerned about Jesus than worldly challenges – 1 Cor. 2:2. In John 1:51 – Jesus says that the heaven shall open and we will see Him; how many of us have attained this level of spirituality. So instead of searching for miracles from one place to the other, why don’t we pray to see this open heaven in our life time.

If someone comes to tell us that we have a father somewhere in the world, we would certainly desire to visit someday, how many of us desire to see beyond the visible cloud, to have a vision of heaven?

Have you seen Jesus before (John 14:19)?

What is the proof of your relationship with Him?

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